Life Insurance

Life Cover to protect your Family, your Mortgage or your Income is very important. It should never be overlooked.

There are many types of Protection Policy to choose from. Finding the one that provides the right amount of cover and adequate protection is not as easy as you may think.

At Larkbridge our team of specialists can help you find the plans that best meet your needs and requirements.

It may not cost as much as you think...


This information does not contain all of the detail you would need to choose a protection contract. Make sure you read the Personal Illustration, Policy Terms and Conditions; and/ or Guide to Critical illness Cover (if relevant) and Key Facts > Key Features document before your make a decision.


Please note this does not constitute Protection Advice and the figures shown are purely a guide. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances.

Most Individual polices are subject to a medical underwriting process whereby the insured completes an application form detailing the following:


>    Personal details include age and gender;

>    Current state of health;

>    Medical history

>    Occupation and any hazardous pursuits; and

>    Lifestyle

>    The underwriter may also require other underwriting evidence.



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